Psychic Harmony

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Paula Vgori and Michelle Gomie are Psychic Harmony. Paula is a gifted psychic medium, tarot reader, and a Doreen Virtue Angel card reader. Michelle too is a gifted medium and their energies compliment each other perfectly. You will see their banners at many venues across the South East at pubs, tea rooms and other small venues. Melinda’s Coffee Shop at … Read More

Paula Vgori

Dee Clairvoyance, Exhibitors, Psychic & Clairvoyant

Paula Vgori offers psychic readings, dowsing, and tarot cards at our fairs. A gifted medium who has astounded many with her accuracy of messages. Along with psychic medium Michelle Gomie they advertise locally as “Psychic Harmony” and read at various venues and spiritualist churches throughout Surrey so do look out for their banner.   Save Save Save Save Save Save

Magenta Crafts

Dee Clairvoyance, Exhibitors, Herbalism, Psychic & Clairvoyant, Shopping, Spiritual Gifts, Witchcraft

Magenta Crafts started in 1989. Our hand crafted products include bath salts, foams, sachets and shower gels, hand blended incense, scented room sachets and much more. Many of the dried herbs and flowers used in these products have been grown organically in our garden. We also make hand crafted jewellery using a wide range of beads and materials. Magenta also … Read More