Thank you for your interest in our fairs.

We welcome and value new traders so if you would like to join us, please see our rates, trader info and T&C below.

Please note we are unable to refund or credit any bookings should you cancel if the event is going ahead. 

For all new enquiries, please email 

Please give details of what you sell/or the service you provide.

N.B. Prices are per reader/healer/therapist

If you do not see something suitable for your needs please advise us so we can try our best to accommodate you.



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Exhibitor Pricing Per Fair

N.B.  We do not combine stall “types” nor allow “shared” stalls. 
If your stall consists of any two. of the above, you will need to book two stalls. e.g. therapist + retail etc.
NB.  For 2022 dates we are reinstating the prepay three fair discount but please note this is not interchangeable between Chessington and Ardingly. If you are booking all six fairs you will get the discount on both venues. 

All fees are non refundable - we reserve the right to credit any cancelled events to the next mutually agreeable date.
MLM/Direct sales - please see trader terms & conditions.
One mlm per stall. Magnetic, Forever Living, Forever Young, Kannaway, NYR, Do Terra.
No bookings are confirmed until full payment is made.


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Exhibitor Tips

Accessibility and Affordability

You will see that the ethos of the fair is accessibility and affordability.
Therefore we charge as little as we can within our budget per stall and ask that our readers and therapists work within the same principle and keep their fees for readings and therapies reasonably priced at our fair.


We reserve the right to cancel without refund any stall not adhering to this.

Those A4 acrylic stands are ideal for this as are upright and easily visable

Offering Readings/Therapies

We recognise the professionals that you are and that everyone has to earn a living. So in working within our fair ethics, we politely suggest you consider:
Offering slightly shorter readings than you may do usually so you can offer a better rate. Ideally we prefer a two tier price bracket of 15/30 minute choices so hopefully everyone who wants/needs a reading can afford to have one.
Taster sessions of therapies on a similar principle please. If you wish to provide info before the fair, this can be promoted via social media and our blog.

How does this help?

Firstly, this enables our visitors to sample everything on offer and really enjoy their day. They will then hopefully return each fair, bringing new friends and
if they like what you have to offer as a person, medium, or therapist, they will usually book with you for a longer session at either the next fair, elsewhere or privately afterwards.

I’m a Retailer. How can I do this?

If you are selling products, we appreciate you cannot meet the above but could perhaps instead offer:
Special Price Today Only
Fair Special Offer
Buy One Get One Free
Gift with every purchase over £5/£10 etc

If you can notify us of this in advance it can be promoted ahead of the event.