11.00am Workshop for Feb 28th 2016 – Litz Butcher


Join Litz Butcher in this free talk/workshop and participate in a short guided meditation to finish. Meditation is a strange concept in today’s world of rush/stress/bustle.  The thought of sitting for any length of time and doing nothing except attempting to clear the mind is alien, if not impossible to many of us.  We worry it’s too New Agey or … Read More

Magenta Crafts at our 2017 fairs


Magenta will be back with us for all of our 2017 fairs. Established tarot reader, palmist and certified herbalist who creates her own special  products. See Magenta’s website for more details http://www.new-age-web.com/ You can also join her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Magenta-Crafts-489642231075310   Save

Next Fair 28th Feb – Hope you can join us!


Our first post of the year is to firstly wish you good health and happiness for 2016, and to remind you our first fair of 2016 will be on 28th Feb at Chessington Community College. As usual we are open 10am – 4pm and talks workshops will be added soon so keep a look out. We can confirm that Riki … Read More

Join Alan Cooke tomorrow at 10.30am in The David Kemp Theatre


A talk and demonstration on how magnet therapy works by Alan Cooke a qualified magnotherapist and a member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. Suitable for use on both humans and animals. Used for many ailments it is targeted to relieve pain and arthritis, this type of therapy is completely drug free and relies on therapeutic magnets placed on … Read More

Psychometry Workshop with Paula Vgori

Dee25th Feb 2018, Workshops

Renowned psychic medium Paula Vgori will be hosting a psychometry workshop. You do not need any experience to attend this, but if you can bring along a piece of jewellery it will help immensely in your participation. A fascinating way to practice any budding psychic skills, you will no doubt be amazed at yourself and others taking part in this … Read More

A Demonstration of Mediumship with Riki Davies

Dee25th Feb 2018, Workshops

Some of you will have seen Riki before either at this fair, at spiritualist churches or other venues throughout the South East. Internationally aclaimed, Riki has been a gifted medium for 30 years. Today she will demonstrate her mediumship to you. Lasting approximately 30 minutes, Riki will come to members of the audience as her guides bring forth loved ones … Read More

Experience The Power of Shamanic Drumming

Dee25th Feb 2018, Workshops

Alison Spirit Weaver is once again giving a free workshop on Shamanic Drum Journeying & Power Animals. A wonderful workshop to participate in and proving very popular at our fair. We ask you please arrive promptly to prevent disruption to others during their meditation. Alison is a lady with many strings to her bow, far too numerous to list here … Read More

Fair Summary – 8th February 2015


Thank you to all that attended our February fair, it was lovely to see you all and we hope you all had a good day. I was fortunate enough to find time to attend Alison Spiritweaver’s Shamanic Drumming workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it, so thank you Alison! For anyone that missed out, or fancies another session, Alison will be repeating … Read More

So Why The Feather?


We’re often asked why there is a feather in our logo, the feather has been used by many cultures old and new! Below are just a few of the symbolic meanings of feathers. Symbolism of feathers often refers to ascension and spiritual evolution to a higher plane. Feathers were worn by Native American Chiefs to symbolise their communication with Spirit, … Read More