Only two weeks away…

Dee11th Jun 2017, At this fair

Not long now until the mid year Big Purple Psychic and Holistic Fair. We have over 50 stalls and a day full of talks and workshops lined up for you. Some new readers too at this fair so look out for them. Look forward to seeing you there.  

New for this fair – Pranic Healing wih Miiko

Dee11th Jun 2017, 19th Feb 2017, 8th Oct 2017, At this fair

What is Pranic Healing? The word ‘Prana’ means life’s energy. Pranic Healing is a highly evolved and tested non touch complementary therapy. It is used to heal a wide range of physical and psychological ailments. This system can enhance any area of your life. It is highly systematic and scientific in its approach, which distinguishes it from other healing therapies. … Read More

Mindful Motion Workshop 1pm with Darren Yap

Dee19th Feb 2017, At this fair, Workshops

Mindful Motion Join Darren Yap to experience a 45 minute Mindful Motion relaxation class and learn how to beat stress and anxiety. Mindful Motion combines flowing tai chi and yoga moves. By simply focusing on the movements, you will experience a deep sense of calm. This session requires no special equipment. For more information about Mindful Motion, please visit … Read More

Dragons in February!

Dee19th Feb 2017, At this fair, Workshops

Join Kieron Morgan at 11am at the fair for the mythology of the dragon. Throughout the ages the myths and mysteries of the majestic Dragon have become distorted, stretched and skewed, by those who saw their power and connection to the Goddess, and the divine, as a threat. The Dragon became a slithering serpent, hiding in dank, dark caves, easy … Read More

Dowsing with Phil Merrall at our October Fair

DeeAt this fair

New to our fair this October, we welcome Phil Merrall . Phil uses dowsing techniques, along with his own psychic abilities, to help determine what types of discordant or negative energies and attachments could be effecting or limiting you. These negative energies & attachments are removed and replaced with positive energies to help you move forward in a more positive … Read More

Ann Rosansky at our Oct Fair

DeeAt this fair

I’ve had an interest in Tarot and its mysteries for a very long time, and I’ve enjoyed my awareness developing. After getting good Feedback from clients, I knew I wanted to take this lovely and intriguing art as far as I could. Tarot skills take time to develop along with confidence and style, which can also change, along with life’s journey. … Read More

Kieron Morgan at our Oct 16th Fair

DeeAt this fair

Kieron has spent many years as an apprentice to his great friend and spiritual guru, Edwin Courtenay who has furnished him with a wide and varied set of tools with which to work. Brother of Dragons since his teens, Kieron is now an experienced advocate of the Dragons, dedicated to bringing their word and energy back into our collective consciousness. … Read More

October 16th – Our next fair…

DeeAt this fair

Not long to go and once again we have a lovely fair for you with 50 stalls. Mediums/readers confirmed are Lesley Hoube, Pauline Walsh, Riki Davies, Paula vgori, Michelle Gomie, Irene Gloux (psychic artist), Jill Walker (tarot), Magenta (tarot) Alison Spirit Weaver (shamanic reader), Kieron (runes), Eloise, Caroline, and more. With stalls selling a huge range of spiritual goodies from … Read More