Workshop with Sally Smiles Feb 23rd



An experiential and healing workshop where we will journey with the Shamanic Drum to reclaim those parts of ourselves that can become lost when we experience disempowerment or powerlessness in our lives. With love, we can call these parts back home to us, no matter how old or new.

Let us embody our light, embrace the medicine we hold within. We can become our own warrior of love and reclaim our power.

About Sally:

Sally works in the Shamanic way and has an affinity with the natural wisdom and teachings of this land. She works closely with Plant Spirit Medicine, The Yew Tree, the Celtic Medicine Wheel and is an experienced channel for spirit through the sacred sound of music.

Intuitively guiding you in a truthful and loving way, Sally regularly holds workshops, initiations and ceremonies, as well as personal healing sessions and readings to empower you, bringing balance and truth from the harmonious heart space, the connection to all