Colour Therapy with Audrey Bossman

Dee2018, At this fair

We are thrilled to have the lovely Audrey Bossman join us for our 2018 fairs.

A few words from Audrey.

My approach is to use colour to raise your awareness around underlying thoughts, beliefs and patterns of behaviour which could be limiting you and preventing you from moving forward.  Then I compassionately support you as you make changes in your life.

Examples of issues that I work with:

  • You have an important decision to make and require guidance on the best way forward
  • You are going through change and need clarity and support
  • You feel tired and want to regain energy and balance
  • You know what you want to change but your self-belief and confidence are low.
  • You are at a point when you know you want to make changes but are unclear about exactly what you want to change!
By working together and discovering the power of the Colour Mirrors System, I am confident you will get results quickly and easily.

For more about Audrey and her work – see her website