Dragons in February!

Dee25th Feb 2018, At this fair, Workshops

Join Kieron Morgan at 11am at the fair for the mythology of the dragon.

Throughout the ages the myths and mysteries of the majestic Dragon have become distorted, stretched and skewed, by those who saw their power and connection to the Goddess, and the divine, as a threat. The Dragon became a slithering serpent, hiding in dank, dark caves, easy to be feared and misrepresented.

Kieron Morgan, brother and Advocate of the Dragon collective, invites you to dive into the magical world of dragon kind, to learn the ancient and powerful truths behind the rumours, to see the dragons and their fire and flame as the sacred healing flames that they are and were always intended to be. Kieron will be offering insight through his own experiences and work with eternal beings and giving you the opportunity, through meditation, to meet and work with your very own Dragon!

The Dragons are awakening, their power growing at this pivotal time in the evolution of mankind. Come, jump up on their backs and fly to greater heights and inspirational opportunities.