11.00am Workshop for Feb 28th 2016 – Litz Butcher


Join Litz Butcher in this free talk/workshop and participate in a short guided meditation to finish.

Meditation is a strange concept in today’s world of rush/stress/bustle.  The thought of sitting for any length of time and doing nothing except attempting to clear the mind is alien, if not impossible to many of us.  We worry it’s too New Agey or that we cannot sit and think of nothing because of our mind chatter or worse still, people may think we are just plain weird.

More recent concepts of meditation encourage Mindful meditation so rather that fuss and fret when intrusive thoughts come into your head, you are encouraged to observe them and allow them to peacefully pass through your mind.

According to an article published in Psychology Today in 2013, meditation boosts your health, happiness, productivity, ability to focus and self-control!

So what is there not to like about it.Litz Butcher