Join Alan Cooke tomorrow at 10.30am in The David Kemp Theatre


A talk and demonstration on how magnet therapy works by Alan Cooke a
qualified magnotherapist and a member of the International Practitioners of
Holistic Medicine. Suitable for use on both humans and animals. Used for many
ailments it is targeted to relieve pain and arthritis, this type of therapy is
completely drug free and relies on therapeutic magnets placed on the body to
help alleviate symptoms. With the cost of health care spiraling and our
population steadily aging it is an indisputable fact that people are beginning to
explore alternative therapies seriously and Magnet Therapy offers good results
for a relatively inexpensive outlay.
Magnet Therapy is:
• Accepted and used by doctors and clinics worldwide
• Used by top professional athletes and their physiotherapists
• Safe and effective
• Free from side effects
• Re useable time and time again
• Drug free
• Non invasive
• Painless
• Affordable
• The easiest way to combat modern living